​​​Ryan R Phelps



Your home is a personal expression of your life. For most people, it's also your largest financial investment. So it is important that you choose your architect carefully.

Communication is crucial to a successful project. Style, fit, function, budget and schedule must be in balance for your needs. I meet frequently with clients, early in the design process, to establish their goals and parameters. This establishes the framework on which we build the subsequent design.

You'll see a variety of architectural styles in my portfolio; I don't limit myself to any signature look. However I am rigorous with my design process; establishing your design program and budget, evaluating the site opportunities and constraints and understanding your lifestyle patterns. Zoning of spaces, from public to private, along with clear and concise circulation are consistent themes in my work.
While some clients are specific about the look and feel of their home, others allow the style of their home to emerge from the unique combination of site, lifestyle and budget. Sometimes, if we listen carefully, the house will tell us what it wants to be.

Construction costs are a huge driver for many clients and I prefer a team approach to develop and control costs. This means selecting your general contractor early in the design process, based upon your desired balance of time, quality and money. Like choosing your architect, selection of your contractor is critical; communication, respect and trust are required for a good fit. The contractor becomes part of our team, providing preliminary pricing and material alternates, to help keep the project on budget. An added benefit is the contractor becomes very familiar with both the design of the project and the parameters that shaped it, thus bringing added value to the client.

My professional background includes 25 years of commercial work for companies such as Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, Nike and Wells Fargo. Also included is hands-on construction experience on churches, school, medical clinics and homes. I've worked with everyone from corporate leaders to the carpenter swinging a hammer and learned from them all. I'll bring this range of expertise to your project.

Call me, let's talk. Perhaps we can build your dream together.....